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Stocks trading room

The Stocks trading room is a program targeting economics, business and finance students. The objective of this program is to link current financial markets performance in real time to classroom learning in order to produce a world class graduate relevant to financial markets. This programme scales up the research and analytical thinking of students in their approach to solving problems in the business environment. The programme is also meant to bolster interest in investment in the financial markets by the younger generation. Access to financial services by the youth in Kenya is less than 25% according to the 2009 Fin Access National survey conducted by Kippra and other youth save partners. This is however expected to change as mobile technology is already revolutionizing change in financial services. Mobile money transfer services like M-pesa are changing lives and the business environment. In this current day and age the youth are being attracted to entrepreneurship opportunities that will improve standard of living. It is important for the young generation to learn about responsible credit and spending due to the easier access to financial services as a result of improved technology.

The Display Screen

The Live real-time display screen Provides real-time equities trading data direct from the NSE via an authorized data NSE vendor as well as: Real-time data feed showing Overall Market View of trading data of equities from NSE (Bids /Asks/Trades), Animated graphs of trading performance for listed companies, interview snapshots. Resource Personnel Resource persons who are practicing experts attend classes depending on the agreed frequency with the institution. The experts are drawn from various fields namely: • Finance and accounting • Banking and investment banking • Economists • Risk management professionals Portfolio Performance and evaluation The students have access to research information from the Nairobi Securities Exchange and our partners my stocks Kenya and a smart stocks trading software with virtual funds from Smart Youth. The students are expected to trade with real time pricing data of shares and bonds from the NSE. An online discussion forum is also availed for mentorship and discussing with other participating schools. The portfolio performance is evaluated by the gains/ losses on individual accounts and the same linked to real time financial markets performance. Portfolio construction techniques and optimization techniques are also covered and applied on a real time basis. Fixed income analysis techniques are also covered to enable a multi asset mix in the various portfolios. Market timing strategies are also taught and various investment management techniques discussed in these sessions.

Our Sponsors

Telkom Kenya
Telkom is the platinum sponsors of the Stocks Trading room supporting the mentorship program for the Stocks Trading room. realizes the need and importance of ICT development in changing the way business is done and improving livelihoods. The African Social Venture Prize once rewards entrepreneurs developing products or services that use ICT in an innovative way to meet the needs of Africans in fields such as health, agriculture, education, energy, industry or trade. The students on the stocks trading room are given a chance to submit a proposal for a social business venture for consideration of funding and mentorship. The students also enjoy affordable subscriptions to the network and merchandise.
Smart Youth Investments Limited
At Smart Youth we are committed at developing relevant financial literacy programs that meet market requirements. Our experience over the years has enabled us to continuously improve our programs and tailor make for different target groups. We have conducted trainings in more than 200 institutions reaching over 7000 students in institutions of higher learning.

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